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With over 25 years of experience, you can be assured that Designs by BSB offers the best ideas and most innovative and cohesive design solutions for your unique lifestyle requirements and budget. Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate to help you love where you live.

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Multiple Styles

Timeless design to classic or cutting-edge modern styles, kitchens are designed for functionality as much as they are to look beautiful. After a busy day, return to your home and appreciate how it caters to your style and works for your unique lifestyle.

Bath & Spa

Relax in Style

Retreat to a relaxing master bath, rejuvenate in a spa or sauna or pamper guests in a luxury bath. You will be thankful for all the attention given to details to make the room and environment special and complimentary.


Design For Any Size

Room to room you will love where you live with the help of our interior design service. Whether you are looking for colorful accessories, fresh space plan or comfortable new furniture…no room is too small or large!

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